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Arassa Denise Catering provides its customers only high-quality products for the nutrition of workers. We provide order in the living quarters of employees of companies located at remote industrial facilities, so that when they are far from home, workers feel concern for themselves and feel at home. This contributes to the improvement of the morale, safety at work and increased productivity.


Fundamental principles:

· The continued commitment of the company's management to the goals of increasing the level of labor protection, safety and environmental · Responsibility and ensuring of the private enterprise “Arassa Deniz” of safe conduct of work, awareness of all employees of the company and its contractors of the need for knowledge and compliance with the standards and requirements in the field of labor protection, safety and environmental protection, as well as their responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others;
· Care about the health of each employee;
· Proper training or retraining of all employees of the IP "Arassa Deniz" before performing new work or operations;
· Environmental protection by all available means and methods;
· The development and improvement of the policies of the IP “Arassa Deniz” to ensure occupational health, safety and environmental protection among employees as an integral part of the corporate culture of the Company.

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